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    The product assortment definition is the full list of goods or services that are sold by a company. Product assortment can also be called product mix or product portfolio. Product assortments can consist of lists of a variety of product lines offered by a company or products that are associated together. Product lines are products that are related to one another or are very similar. Companies may have only a few products or numerous products in dozens of product lines. Product assortment is important to the marketing and sales of a business because this is where the business can organize all its products. Consumers can also use product mix lists to quickly find products they wish to purchase or items that are similar.

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    Product assortment, also known as merchandise mix, is the range and variety of products you offer to your customers. It defines the product types your customers ultimately know you for.

    The best product assortment strategy is one that maximizes sales, profit, and customer experience. Getting there isn’t simple; there are factors that can make a big difference, like current and future demand, the size of your shelf space and storage, and supplier relationships.

    If you hold a product range that’s too wide, you risk diluting your image and ending up with stock that’s hard to sell. But if you only sell a narrow product range, potential customers might leave your store empty-handed because they couldn’t buy everything they needed at once—and go to your competitor instead.

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