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    If you enjoy online football betting at bookmaker london[/url] , then you must be familiar with over-under (tai xiu) betting, a popular choice among many people. Nowadays, almost all major bookmakers such as 12bet, W88, Fun88 offer the over-under betting option. So, do you know the playing method and the strategies needed to consistently achieve big wins in this game?
    Basic method for playing over-under in football betting:
    The Stuffing (Nhoi) Over Strategy:
    This is one of the methods that many players apply. The Stuffing Over strategy is mainly used in matches predicted to have a low number of goals and a higher tendency towards under.

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    When the match starts, you place an over bet. And when the match becomes intense and there is a goal scored, you take advantage of it and place another over bet.
    The Stuffing (Nhoi) Under Strategy:
    In complete contrast to the Stuffing Over strategy, the Stuffing Under strategy is applied in matches predicted to have a high number of goals. Additionally, you can consider factors such as the teams being unevenly matched, weak defenses, one team having a strong counterattack, and the need for points. In this case, you place an under bet before the match starts and wait for the over-under odds to decrease before placing another under bet.
    Some notes for playing over-under in football:
    Choosing the right match is crucial when you want to play over-under in football betting. Furthermore, before the match starts, players should gather the most basic information about the two teams to have a better understanding and prediction.

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    In the case of choosing over, it is advisable to place the bet in the first half, after waiting for about 10 minutes of the match when the over-under odds decrease, which will result in better odds.
    If there are no goals in the first half, the second half can be more exciting, so players should consider this aspect.
    Always update your knowledge and betting experience to achieve more wins. Each person has different playing styles, and the effectiveness may vary. Learn and gain more insights from experienced individuals to have the best over-under betting strategy in football.


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