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    Players of the word puzzle game Phrazle are tasked with recognizing a phrase that is made up of a variety of different words. Players can only use the letters that appear in the phrase. The widely played word puzzle game Wordle provided as inspiration for the development of this game, which places more of an emphasis on phrases than individual words.
    How to Play the Card Game Phrazle
    The internet version of the video game can be played for free at any time. Players of phrazle receive a new challenge every day, which can only be finished once each 24 hour period. After typing a phrase into the input box and pressing the enter key, the player will proceed with the game. The game will then proceed to provide the player with feedback on the phrase in the form of colored squares:
    • If there is a green square next to the letter, it indicates that it is located in the appropriate spot within the word and within the phrase.
    • If the letter is in the word but not in the appropriate place, a yellow square will appear instead of the square.
    • If there is a purple square next to the letter, it indicates that it is present in the phrase but not in the appropriate word.
    • If the letter is not in the phrase, a gray square will appear next to it.
    In order to successfully predict the sentence in a maximum of six tries, the player is expected to make use of the feedback provided. If the player successfully answers the phrase, a message that says “You got it!” and a succession of emojis that the user can copy and share with others will show on the screen. This message and these emojis can be copied and shared with other people. If the player uses up all of their chances to accomplish the task, they will see a notice that says “Sorry, you didn’t get it,” and then the solution will be provided to them.
    Some Suggestions on How to Play the Phrase Game
    • Consider some everyday expressions, such as: The game makes use of phrases that are connected to a wide variety of subjects, including idioms, quotations, proverbs, titles, and other types of phrases. The player should test out frequent words that are the appropriate length and format for the challenge and think of these phrases before beginning the game.
    The player should use this information to eliminate letters that are not in the phrase or are not in the correct location. The game provides feedback on every letter in the phrase, therefore the player should use this information to eliminate letters that are not in the phrase. Additionally, the player needs to keep track of the letters that they have already used so that they don’t use the same ones twice.
    • Make use of logic and deduction: the game is structured according to certain rules and patterns, both of which can assist the player in reducing the number of options available to them. If a term, for instance, has two green squares next to it, then it is most likely correct. If a word has two yellow squares, then the positions of those squares need to be switched so that the word is in the correct order. When a term has two purple squares next to it, that word needs to be relocated to another spot in the dictionary.


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