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    This will be publisher Ubisoft’s third massive open-world game in two months, and is the only one not a part of an established franchise, but doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of your time.

    Much like its protagonist, Immortals Fenyx Rising strives to be more than a game that just repeats the glories of others; it adds its own mythical flair on top of developer Ubisoft Quebec’s previous work on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The result is an exciting and unique open-world adventure worthy of a place in the gaming pantheon.

    Immortals is an open-world 3rd person adventure game, but let’s address the elephant in the room. It suffers, in the eyes of many, from being too similar to beloved Switch hit Breath Of The Wild. Now I will accept that, yes, there is an incredible amount here borrowed from the capers of our favourite Hylian hero. The climbing mechanics are identical. Instead of shrines, we have myth challenges, which contain similar puzzles involving moving blocks and balls, manipulated using a mechanic so similar to the Sheikah slate that I’m expecting a Korok to pop out from under a rock at any second.

    You play as Fenyx, a customizable Ancient Greek soldier, who wakes up after having shipwrecked on a small island. You are prevented from accessing the rest of the map until you complete a few objectives that ultimately net you a tool to glide off of the peninsula. Once you arrive on the mainland, there are four powerful deities you must visit in order to gain their power and defeat the enemy at the center of the map. That foe is Thypon, who you can face from the moment you arrive if you so choose.

    With a narrative that involves a world-reshaping beast alongside the mightiest warriors, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology, you may think Immortals Fenyx Rising takes itself seriously. However, its high stakes and dark premise are punctuated by comedy, providing a lighthearted tone full of endearing moments with many of its characters. While the jokes don’t always land, I appreciated the strong mix of sarcasm, self-deprecation, and fourth-wall breaking. While an out-of-nowhere joke has the potential to take you out of the action-packed story, the writing is done in a masterful way that keeps the tone consistent throughout, making neither the serious moments or the comedic ones feel out of place.

    This beautiful world is packed full of secrets, puzzles, and rewards that feel incredibly satisfying. Every side quest is fully realised with custom cutscenes, hilarious character interactions, and brilliant voice acting. If you’ve been playing BOTW over and over again for three years now, Immortals offers a brand new adventure in a stunning new world, and you owe it to yourself to at least give it a chance.

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