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    Are you an avid Cash App user? Maybe it’s time to take the relationship with the app a bit further. Instead of transferring money from your bank to the app, your employer can send it straight to Cash App. Today we’ll show you how to set up and enable direct deposit on Cash App.

    To set up direct deposit on Cash App, launch the app and go to Money > Direct Deposit. You can go into Get Started under the Automatic Setup and see if your employer supports this feature. If it doesn’t, tap on Fill out form under Manual Setup. Follow the instructions to finish the process.

    What time of day does Cash App direct deposit hit?
    Direct deposit times vary by employer, system used, account history, and other factors. As a general rule, direct deposits seem to arrive sometime within the scheduled date, though, and sometimes the day after. Many seem to agree this happens sometime in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Additionally, Cash App may make the money available two days before if you’ve built a history using direct deposit with the app.
    How to automatically set up direct deposit on Cash App
    Are you ready to set up direct deposit on Cash App? Let’s start with the easiest method, which is using the Automatic Setup. Just keep in mind this method doesn’t work with all employers. The employer must sign up for the service, so it primarily works with larger, popular companies with many employees.
    Launch Cash App.
    Go into the Money tab.
    Tap on Direct Deposit.
    Under Automatic Setup, tap on Get Started.
    Find your employer.
    Follow the instructions. You’ll need to log into your account and likely provide some extra info, which may differ between companies.

    How to manually set up direct deposit on Cash App
    If you can’t find your employer in the Automatic Setup, you will need to fill out a direct deposit to hand to your employer. Here’s how to do this.
    Launch Cash App.
    Go into the Money tab.
    Tap on Direct Deposit.
    Under Manual Setup, tap on Fill out a form.
    Tap on Create New Form.
    Tap on Continue.
    Enter your employer’s name and hit Continue.
    Select how much of the paycheck you want to deposit to Cash App. You can pick between Full Paycheck, Enter Percentage, or Enter Amount.
    Select Next.
    Draw your signature and select Next.
    You can now choose between Email Form or View Form. Deliver the form to your employer using your method of preference.


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